Postal: Manchester United needs 1 billion pounds to renovate the stadium, and the final plan may need to be decided by the team’s new owner

January 13 According to the “Daily Mail” report, Manchester United may need 1 billion pounds to renovate the stadium
Sterling, but the final plan needs to be decided by the team’s owner.

It is reported that Manchester United has already obtained a series of plans to expand the stadium, which includes the renovation of Old Trafford and the construction of a brand new stadium.
Manchester United previously appointed the company responsible for the construction of Tottenham’s new stadium to design the transformation plan of Old Trafford. It is understood that they have now completed their task.

Late last year, Manchester United officials received plans to renovate Old Trafford, which would include refurbishment or even remodeling of the Old Trafford stadium.
However, the final construction plan is still up to Manchester United’s new owners.

Manchester United is currently being put up for sale. It is reported that buyers interested in buying Manchester United will receive relevant plans and budgets for the plan.
Building a new stadium could cost close to £2bn, while upgrading the existing Old Trafford could cost more than £1bn.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the upgrade of Old Trafford is divided into two plans, one is to improve the existing stadium, and the other is to build a brand new stadium.
Both solutions have their own advantages, such as the improvement of stadium seating.
After the revamp, Old Trafford’s existing 74,000 seats will certainly be increased, and the focus of any revamp project needs to help the club to make a profit.
Many fans currently dine at the Old Trafford cricket ground before heading to Old Trafford, which means there is a real need for improvement at Old Trafford.
But at present, the final total budget has not been fully determined, and these programs are only estimated funding amounts.

In November last year, Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, announced that they were actively looking for external investment, and even considered selling Manchester United.
They have entrusted Rennes Group, which was in charge of Chelsea’s acquisition last year, to help them find a buyer. Manchester United officials declined to comment on the matter.