Postal: UEFA will not set up obstacles for the Qatari consortium to acquire Manchester United

February 15 According to the “Daily Mail” report, UEFA will not set up obstacles for the Qatari consortium to acquire Manchester United

It is reported that a Qatar-based consortium has launched a bid for Manchester United, but because UEFA regulations prohibit two clubs from belonging to the same owner, this may become a potential obstacle for the Qatari consortium to take over.
Qatar Sports Investments already owns Paris Saint-Germain, but a takeover from the Qatari consortium would be from a separate entity, which could give it the green light from UEFA.
According to UEFA sources, there will be no problems with the bid from the Qatari consortium, and Rennes Bank, which is responsible for the sale of Manchester United, will review the offer before the deadline on Friday night.

In addition to the ownership factor, other factors are also driving the process of this transaction.
The chairman of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser has a close relationship with UEFA President Ceferin. In the Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern that ended early this morning, Ceferin watched the game as a guest.
These two clubs also have no connection with the UEFA. UEFA is grateful for this. As the UEFA proposal has been brought up again recently, the firm attitude of these two clubs has satisfied UEFA.

In addition, Nasser is also the chairman of the European Club Association and the beIN media group. He has the rights to broadcast UEFA games in several countries around the world.
UEFA’s rules read: “Any individual or legal entity shall not control or influence multiple clubs participating in UEFA club competitions.” However, in any case, the acquisition will not affect Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.
The schedule of the season, because Paris Saint-Germain is in the Champions League, and Manchester United is in the Europa League.

In addition, FIFA is still recruiting a director in charge of human rights issues. According to relevant media reports, they should make an appointment in the near future. At present, they have selected the last few candidates.