Prospective analysis of Shandong Luneng vs. Henan Jianye match: Shandong Luneng has an excellent opportunity to grab points

Two sides: Shandong Luneng vs. Henan Jianye
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Shandong Luneng: Favorable information 1. Shandong Luneng Taishan performed well in the new season as a whole. It scored 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 5 games in the Super League.
Unfavorable information 1. Shandong Luneng’s offense is weak, and the small balls have soared. There are as many as 4 small balls in 5 Super League games, and all of them are ultra-small balls with a maximum of 1 ball.
2. Shandong Luneng’s semi-large is also very low. This season’s 5 Chinese Super League halftimes add up to 1 goal.
Zhongli Intelligence 1. Shandong Luneng is a strong second-tier team in the Chinese Super League. The team plays conservatively, has an average offensive efficiency, and has a lot of small balls. The overall performance this season is good, and it is tied for second in Group A of the Chinese Super League.
Henan Jianye: Favorable information 1. Henan Jianye has nearly 21 non-ball games in the second half of the away game.
There were all balls in the second half of this event, which is not bad.
2. Since Henan Jianye’s defensive coach Jia Xiuquan dismissed get out of class, the team’s offense has obviously opened up. In the past 12 Super League games, the team has scored goals, and the style of play tends to be more open.
3. Henan Jianye has no shortage of goals in away games. Nearly 15 away games and neutral positions have at least 2 goals, 9 of which are over 2.5 goals, and Jia Xiuquan has a long-term super small goal of at most 1 goal.
Unfavorable information 1. Henan Jianye’s away defense is very poor. Nearly 14 away games and neutral positions have conceded consecutive goals, and as many as 32 goals.
2. Henan Jianye’s away games are far worse than at home. The recent wins are all home wins, and nearly 14 away games have 1 win, 5 draws and 8 losses. The only win is Shenzhen Kaisa, which was lucky to relegation last season, and the gold content is limited.
Zhongli Intelligence 1. Henan Jianye insists on small capital management. The team is not strong enough, but its resilience is not low. However, the team’s away ability is low, and it is currently ranked fifth in Group A of the Chinese Super League.