Putras: Congratulations to Messi for winning the World Cup, and I didn’t dare to ask him if he would like to return to Barcelona

March 1 News The FIFA Best Awards Ceremony was held yesterday, and Messi was elected FIFA Men’s Football Champion
The best player, Putras was elected the best player in FIFA women’s football.

Putras later accepted an interview with Catalan Radio. She said that she had a chat with Messi: “We talked and congratulated each other. He asked me about my injury. I congratulated him on winning the World Cup. I didn’t dare to ask him.
Are you willing to return to Barcelona?”

Talking about the time of his comeback, Putras said: “I will tell you when I return, the comeback will depend on the knee injury.”

Finally, Putras talked about the conflicts that occurred in the Spanish women’s national team: “Hopefully, between now and the Women’s World Cup, the team’s conflicts can be resolved and everything will be dealt with.”


In July last year, Putras injured the cruciate ligament in his left knee and will be sidelined for 10-12 months after undergoing surgery.