Qatar World Cup steals list: Ashraff took the lead, Kovachi Enzo ranked second and third respectively

December 19-the 2022 Qatar World Cup has all ended, and finally Argentina won the championship again after 36 years. Ashraff ranked first with 26 steals, followed by Croatian midfielder Kovacic and Argentine midfielder Enzo.
20022 Qatar World Cup steals ​ list:
1′, Ashraff 26 times
2 times, Kovacic 24 times
3 times, Enzo 22 times
4 times, Special Olympics 16 times.
5 times, Modric 16 times
6 years old, Bellingham 16 times
7 times, Amrabat 16 times
8 times, Konate 15 times
9 times, Camarwenga 14 times
1: 0, Blinder 14 times
The above ranking rules: the same data juxtaposition of players, priority to choose less playing time, more efficient players are selected.