Qingdao media: Kanggua gave up the Zambian team call-up, and will prepare for the team ahead of schedule next Tuesday

March 17 According to the news from “Qingdao Morning Post” reporter “Coffee Smoke 325”, Qingdao Manatee foreign aid Kanggua gave up the country
The team is recruited and will participate in the team’s preparations next Tuesday.

Qingdao Manatee has officially announced four foreign players, Saric, Andre, Forbes and Kanggua, but these four players missed the team’s previous first-stage training in Kunming.
At present, Saric, Andre and Forbes have come to Suzhou to join the team’s joint training at this stage.

As for another foreign aid Kanggua, he was originally selected for the Zambia team list and plans to represent the team in this month’s African Cup qualifiers.
Considering that the Chinese Super League is about to start, after communicating with the coaching staff of the national team, Kang Gua gave up the national team call-up and will come to the team early next Tuesday to participate in the preparations.

At the same time, Qingdao Manatee has stated that it has confirmed the fifth foreign aid, but it has not been officially announced due to the player’s personal reasons. A club executive said: “According to the original plan, he will arrive before the league, so it will not affect the team.
Team preparations.”