Qingdao Media: Manatees received good reviews at home games, whether to implement “dual home games” will be confirmed soon

February 22 News Qingdao Manatees will return to the Chinese Super League in the new season. According to the “Qingdao Evening News”, Manatees are currently
The two alternative home games for the new season have been well received by the Chinese Football Federation, and which Manatee club will be finally selected will be finalized in the near future.

According to the report, the Qingdao Manatee team has gone to Kunming for training last weekend, officially kicking off the prelude to preparations.
In the starting team, in addition to Jiang Ning, Zheng Long, Mou Pengfei, Pan Yuchen, Sun Xu, Wang Jianming and other players who performed well in the league last season, there are also Sun Weijia, Gao Yixuan, Liu Qianshuo, Jiang Hang, Chang Yu, who were personally selected by the head coach Antonio.
Jingwei, Teng Hui and other 6 young players.

According to coach Antonio, the team will conduct a three-week training camp at the Kunming Hongta Base. In addition to physical recovery and basic tactical drills, they will also warm up with Wuhan Three Towns, Jinan Xingzhou and other teams to determine the team’s No. 1 team.
The second-stage training list.

While the team is intensively preparing for the game, the Manatee Club is also stepping up various preparations for the home court.
Last week, the Chinese Football Federation preparatory team inspected Guosen Stadium and Youth Football Stadium successively, and expressed satisfaction with the hardware and software facilities of relevant venues in Qingdao, fully affirming Guoxin Stadium’s rich experience in hosting professional league matches.

At the end of the article, it stated that according to the admission standards of the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Super League clubs must report two stadiums as home candidates, and the Manatee Club also intends to apply for the Guoxin and Youth stadiums at the same time.
As for which stadium to choose as the new season’s home stadium, or to implement the “double home stadium” system, the Manatee Club will finally confirm in the near future.