Ram: Invantino did not find the best solution to football, he is not honest at all

December 16-before the World Cup final in Qatar, former German defender Ram severely criticized FIFA president Invantino.
“due to high-level reasons, FIFA has lost more credibility. There is a growing feeling that Invantino is not looking for the best solution to football and that he has no integrity at all, “Ram wrote in a column for the German media RND.”
“Invantino doesn’t give the impression that he wants to change anything. He took advantage of the game, which is the problem with FIFA, which is headquartered in Europe but has nothing to do with football. Only in the future can we finally rely on a reasonable and transparent incentive mechanism to change this. ”
“Europeans must now stand together to prevent a recurrence of scandals like the one that happened at the 2010 World Cup,” Ram said. Europe must defend well because the World Cup would be meaningless without Europe. A lot of Argentines play in Europe, so do the French and Moroccans position themselves in Europe. ”
“hopefully our values will be highlighted again in Euro 2024, especially the game itself. In a democracy, I think that’s what people want. ”
Ram is also a member of the internal working group of the German Football Association: “the first decision has been made within the German Football Association and now we will start the work of our group and try our best to unite with the national team again in order to win the European Cup at home.”