Ran Xiongfei: Du Zhaocai was called to “talk” yesterday. After returning to the Football Association, he interviewed financial officials

February 21 News Yesterday, many media people refuted the rumor that Du Zhaocai, the vice chairman of the Football Association, was taken away at the airport.
According to media person Ran Xiongfei, Du Zhaocai was not taken away, but was called to “talk”.

Ran Xiongfei wrote on social media: Du Zhaocai is currently “temporarily safe”, but it does not mean that he is safe.
In 2010, five months after Nan Yong, Yang Yimin and others were taken away, Xie Yalong and Li Dongsheng were taken away.

Du Zhaocai was called to “talk” yesterday by the relevant department of the Disciplinary Inspection Team of the General Administration. In the afternoon, he returned to the office building of the Football Association and called He Moumou, the deputy secretary-general in charge of finance, and Yang Moumou, the accountant, and had a long conversation.

Ran Xiongfei said that Chen Xuyuan was arrested, and the financial situation of the Football Association has become the biggest weakness. The inspection team of the General Administration will soon enter the Football Association to formally audit the accounts.

Ran Xiongfei specifically pointed out that He Mou, the deputy secretary-general in charge of finance, is also the general manager of the Football Association Ford Bao Company, the CFA, the Chinese team, the former Asian Cup preparation team, and the East Asian League financial director. He holds several positions and has excessive power.
Big, there is a clear violation of relevant accounting systems and regulations.

The China Team and Fortebao Company handled the Dalian Seafood Gate incident. According to the project standards, at least 20 million sponsorship fees are required. However, so far, the Football Association has only seen seafood sea cucumbers on this project, and the “endorsement fee” has disappeared.