Rashford: It’s great to have a coach who pays attention to details. He has been pushing us forward

February 26 News Rashford said in an interview with Sky Sports that Ten Ha
Grid has always strived to be the best, which also pushes players and teams to play to their greatest potential and become the best version of themselves.

Rashford said: “Every time on a match day, if he has two minutes to say something to you, he will say something to me about the goal and tell me to keep threatening the opponent. He
Always said to me, ‘You have 95 minutes, all you need is a chance and you have to take this chance’.”

“It’s nice to have a coach who is so focused on every detail, who wants to be the best in himself, which ultimately drives the best in the players and the team. When we’re not at our best, he tells us.”

“Before the season started I was full of ambition and hope and I was eager to get back into the season and start working. When I’m like that and I’m happy, I can do something on the pitch that helps the team. I’m happy
Glad he’s created an environment to keep it going. So far so good, I hope it continues, and if we keep winning games, I’m sure we will.”

Rashford has traveled to London for the Carabao Cup final, but it remains to be seen whether he will start.
The attacker suffered an ankle injury in the second half of the Red Devils’ Europa League knockout win against Barcelona on Thursday night and was substituted in the 88th minute.