Ravanelli: the game between Napoli and Inter is crucial. Losing will give hope to the pursuers.

Italian star Ravanelli said that Napoli are the favourites to win the Serie A title, but the next match against Inter is crucial.
Napoli currently lead the Serie A table with an unbeaten record of 13 wins and 2 draws, eight points ahead of second place Milan. Napoli will face Inter away from home in the 16th round of Serie An on January 4. Ravanelli said: “the scoreboard shows that Napoli are the favourites to win Serie A. But they haven’t won yet, so the next game is very important, almost decisive. Napoli will face Inter away from home, if they win, it will send a decisive signal, and if they lose, it will bring hope to all pursuers. ”
Ravanelli added: “the gap between second and fifth in the Serie A table is very small, so in my opinion, if Napoli slow down, Milan, Juventus, Inter and Lazio all have a chance to catch up.” There is still a long way to go this season, and this is an unprecedented winter break, which will depend on which team can speed up first. ”
(Su Erhu)