Real Madrid 2-0 Ebar Benzema scored Asensio’s contribution

Excellent Live News: At 22:15 on April 3, , the 29th round of La Liga continued. Real Madrid played at home against Egypt
In the first half, Benzema missed a single-handed goal and scored with a header, and Asensio scored a free kick heel shot and scored and was blown single-handedly opened the scoring.
In the second half, Vinicius assisted Benzema with a header to seal the victory, and Real Madrid performed an offside hat-trick.
In the end, Real Madrid defeated Eibar 2-0 at home.

Key events: In the 37th minute, Lucas Vazquez made a pass from the right. Isco made a low shot with his right foot in front of the penalty area. Asensio knocked the ball on the front and heel of the goal, but the referee received a VAR prompt for Asensio
Returns in the offside position and blows the ball away.

In the 41st minute, Real Madrid took the lead. Casemiro stole the ball from midfield and passed through. Asensio made a single-handed stop and calmly pushed the goalkeeper to score the goal. 1-0, Real Madrid took the lead!

In the 62nd minute, Lucas Vazquez passed the ball back, but the field was slippery due to the rain. Courtois struggled to tackle the ball in front of the goal line to avoid an own goal.

In the 71st minute, Casemiro scored a long-range goal in front of the penalty area, but the linesman signaled that Aribas was involved in the offensive offside earlier, and Real Madrid’s third goal was blown away.

In the 73rd minute, Real Madrid extended their lead. Vinicius made a breakthrough from the left to the bottom line and made a forward pass.

The game ended after 3 minutes of stoppage time, and finally Real Madrid defeated Eibar 2-0.
View: Real Madrid vs Eibar full-time video statistics:

The lineup of both sides: Real Madrid starting: 1- Courtois, 23- Ferland Mendy, 6- Nacho, 3- Militao, 12- Marcelo (67`20- Vinicius), 14
-Casemiro, 10-Modric (60`8-Tony Kroos), 17-Vazquez, 11-Asensio (60`25-Rodrigo), 22-Isco (67
`30-Alibas), 9-Benzema (79`24-Mariano Dias) Substitutes not played: 13-Lunin, 26-Altuwe, 19-Odriosola, 5
-Varane Ebar starting: 1-Dmitrovich, 4-Paul Oliveira, 11-Rafa (80`15-Jose Angel), 22-Pozzo, 23-Alveli
Asia, 6-Sergio Alvarez, 8-Diop (75`33-Atienza), 21-Pedro Leon (75`24-Kevin Rodriguez)
, 17-Kick, 19-Alex Garcia (60`9-Enrich), 25-Brian Hill (46`14-Gan Guishi) Substitute not played: 13-Yoel
-Rodriguez, 2-Burgos, 29-Dufour, 7-Kick Gonzalez, 32-Arrieta