Real Madrid history transfer fee ranking: Azar first, Bell second, Enderick seventh

According to the official news of La Liga club Real Madrid, the club signed 16-year-old star Endric from Palmeras with a total transfer fee of 72 million euros.
In this regard, the German transfer market has also counted the ranking of transfer fees within Real Madrid, with Belgian striker Azar at the top and Endrik rising to seventh.
Ranking of transfer fees in Real Madrid history
1 ​. Azar (2019-20 season, Chelsea-Real Madrid, 115 million euros)
two。 Bell (2013-14 season, Tottenham-Real Madrid, 101 million)
3.Cristiano Ronaldo (2009-10 season, Manchester United-Real Madrid, 94 million)
4. Chuamini (2022-23 season, Monaco-Real Madrid, 80 million)
5. Zidane (2001-02 season, Juventus-Real Madrid, 77.5 million)
6. Hames Rodriguez (2014-15 season, Monaco-Real Madrid, 75 million)
7. Enderick (2024-25 season, Palmeras-Real Madrid, 72 million)
8. Kaka (2009-10 season, Milan-Real Madrid, 67 million)
9. Jovic (2019-20 season, Frankfurt-Real Madrid, 63 million)
10. Figo (2000-01 season, Barcelona-Real Madrid, 60 million) 10:35