Rennes coach: Mbappe is a very humble player, both on and off the field

January 16 News In a Ligue 1 match that ended early this morning
, Rennes beat Paris 1-0 at home.
After the game, Rennes coach Genesio talked about Paris star Mbappe in an interview with the media. In this regard, he also expressed his views on the French striker.

Regarding his initiative to shake hands with Mbappe, Genesio said: “I just want to express my own congratulations, because I appreciate what he has done, at his age. Mbappe has done it
All in all, he’s a really great player and someone I like.”

“At his age, he still keeps everything on and off the field humble, simple. It’s not the first time I’ve seen him, I saw him once at the Clairefontaine training base. He stopped to greet me as well.
.These behaviors show that he is a very educated man.”

In addition, he also talked about the team’s victory over Paris at home.
He said: “First of all, I would like to congratulate my players. They have taken their due responsibilities. We have made some new attempts and achieved certain success. The same is true for teams of this level. I want to
Congratulations to the entire coaching staff. We are very happy to beat Paris, and the other is to get the key three points. I have learned some experience from the teams that beat Paris before, such as Lens and Monaco.
A lot of questions.”

“I have thought a lot about this game and exchanged opinions with some of the main players in the team, because I am very concerned about their choices. Everyone is thinking about the same thing and wants to play this game well, so we
The rewards were received. We had this meeting the night before the game. I also talked to some people on the second day of the team’s game against Clermont. My players were very used to the three-back formation before. If the players
If there were doubts about the system, we couldn’t have arranged it like this.”