Reporter: DePaul has some hamstring problems but rules out the possibility of tearing, and there are doubts about playing against Oviedo.

December 28 reporter Pedro Fullana reported on Atletico Madrid’s training today, in which DePaul was absent because of some problems with his hamstring.
Pedro Fullana pointed out that DePaul has a hamstring problem, but has ruled out the possibility of tear, he played against Oviedo in doubt. In addition, other Argentines returned to training.
Other Atletico Madrid players: O’Bulak is not feeling well and Jimenez began to train normally with the rest of the team.
Atletico Madrid will play Elce at home in the 15th round of La Liga at 4:30 Beijing time, and Atletico will face Oviedo in the 16th final of the Spanish Cup of the Kings at 3:00 on January 5.
(Ma Dongyu)