Reporter: Guangzhou City succeeded in avoiding relegation, but the share reform is not clear. The economic problem is still unsolved.

On December 30, according to reporter Ye Hui, although the final success of relegation, but the future of Guangzhou is not clear.
On the afternoon of December 27, Guangzhou City beat Shenzhen Football team 3-0, with league points reaching 23 points. With only one round left in the league, they finished the task of avoiding relegation one round ahead of the penultimate Wuhan Changjiang by four points, and Guangzhou City became the first team in the history of Chinese professional football to lose 15 games in a row but eventually avoid relegation.
Ye Hui revealed that despite the success of relegation, the future of Guangzhou City is not clear. The working group on share reform led by GAC has already entered the management of the club and carried out its work, but the economic problems of the club last season are still unresolved, and there are still some differences between new and old investors in terms of equity structure and club management. this is also the key to the slow progress of the share reform in Guangzhou City.
Perhaps, the team’s early relegation will become a new opportunity to promote the club’s share reform, which is also the common New year’s resolution of everyone up and down in Guangzhou.
(Nanling weeps)