Reporter: Messi’s team responded to the player’s brother’s remarks, saying that this is entirely his personal opinion

February 9 According to Relevo reporter Toni Juanmarti, Messi’s team responded to Messi’s brother’s previous remarks
In response, they said it had nothing to do with Messi.

Messi’s brother Matias said in the live broadcast before: “Barcelona is famous because of Messi. No one knew Barcelona before. Everyone only knew Real Madrid. If anyone has the opportunity to visit the Barcelona Museum, you will find that the entire museum is Messi.

The reporter said: “Messi’s team pointed out that Matias’ remarks are completely his personal opinion and do not necessarily agree with others around the player. Barcelona was surprised by this statement and said they do not want to take it.
make any comments.”

(Goblin Slayer)