Reporter: Shenzu has reached a crossroads of destiny, and the club has no way to solve old debts and new debts

January 4 News Today’s reporter Cheng Wenli wrote an article about the Shenzhen team’s settlement of wage arrears.

The reporter revealed in his personal social media: The Shenzhen team has once again reached a crossroads of fate.
Due to the arrears of salaries to players and the transfer fees of some players, Shenzhen Football Association banned the registration of new players.
Unless the Shenzhen team can solve the financial problem, the ban can only be lifted.
The question is where will the money come from?

Old debts and new debts made it impossible for the club to solve them.
Kaisa, the parent company of Shenzu, was too busy to take care of itself. After the explosion of wealth management products, Kaisa proposed to pay off the debt with houses. Many Shenzu team members who bought millions of wealth management products did not understand or agree with this solution, because Kaisa wanted to use the real estate in Dongguan to pay off debts.

About two months ago, the Shenzhen Football Club added a new piece of information about the person subject to execution. The enforcement court was the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, and the execution target was 16.63 million yuan.
Before December 31, 2022, the Shenzhen Football Club failed to resolve the team’s historical wage arrears at the time specified by the Football Association.

Last year, Shenzu relied on the sponsorship funds from several sponsors brought in by the municipal government to survive, but can they still get alms this year?
Everything is unknown.

In the end, Cheng Wenli said: Let’s see the day after tomorrow. The new head of the Guangdong Sports Bureau will call a meeting with the heads of the four professional clubs in Guangdong to see what news there will be.