Reporter: Skriniar has informed Inter Milan through his agent that he has no intention of accepting Inter Milan’s contract renewal offer

January 20, according to reporter Barzaghi, Skriniar has passed his
His agent told Inter Milan that he currently has no intention of accepting Inter Milan’s previous contract renewal proposal.

According to reports, a few weeks ago, Inter Milan had offered Skriniar a “final” contract extension and had been waiting for Skriniar’s reply.
Now Shik has not made a decision, but at least for now, Shik has no intention of accepting this contract extension.

Inter Milan believes that they have tried their best to make a contract offer (a fixed annual salary of 6 million euros, including a bonus of up to 6.5 million euros), but Shik’s asking price is an annual salary of 8 million euros, and Inter Milan has made it clear that they cannot
meet this amount.
Considering that the contract extension may eventually end in failure and the importance of Shik, Inter Milan has begun to evaluate Shik’s replacement candidates.

(Real Steel)