Reporter talks about Oscar’s comeback debut is a reflection of mutual trust with Haigang

January 9 News In the second round of the FA Cup quarter-final match between Haigang and Chengdu yesterday, the returning Oscar made a contribution
, Helping Haigang beat the opponent 4-0, the total score of the two rounds was 8-0 to advance.
Reporter Liu Wenchao commented on Oscar’s performance after his comeback.

Before the game, Oscar expressed the hope that he could win the FA Cup with his teammates. In 2017 and 2021, he entered the finals twice, but both returned with hatred.
However, since there is no official competition for more than half a year, Oscar needs time to recover as soon as possible. In addition to the competitive state, the more important thing is the physical condition. Generally speaking, this situation should take two weeks to adjust, but the time left for Oscar is not enough.
Even if Haigang enters the finals, it will only be about 10 days from Oscar’s arrival in Suzhou.

In yesterday’s game, the Harbor coaching staff and Oscar himself did not plan to play the entire game, but considered playing half or most of the time.
It is considered big, so in the end he was arranged to play the whole game.
Although it has only been three days since he returned to the team, and despite the lack of systematic training and competition for more than half a year, the Oscars yesterday afternoon still showed his superb organizational skills.
What made him even more happy was that before the end of the game, he also scored a goal and an assist, and his teammate Abraham who scored a goal made a celebration of shining his shoes.

Regarding Oscar’s return debut, Liu Wenchao commented that whether it is the use of it or his own determination to help the team achieve good results in the FA Cup, it all reflects the relationship between Oscar and the Harbor Club, the team and the coaching staff.
mutual respect and trust.
Maybe the outside world only sees Oscar’s high salary, the suspension of pay and the fact that many foreign players renewed their contracts together and ignored it.
If Oscar will continue to stay in China with a high probability as he said, then the efforts he and Haigang put in before and after the return are the most critical components.

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