Reporter: The biggest difficulty facing Shenzhen Football Club is how to solve the short-term funding gap

February 17 Although there have been rumors surrounding Shenzhen Football Club recently, yesterday afternoon, Shenzhen Football Players
The Shenzhen Lihu Football Training Base assembled and started the first training session of the new season.

Today, Shenzhen Heel team reporter Cheng Wenli updated social media and talked about the current situation of the Shenzhen team.
She wrote: “The Shenzhen team started winter training today. In the south, it should be spring training now. Most of the players have returned to the team. The players who have not returned to the team are Archie (Achim Peng) and Yali (Alisandrini).
) These two foreign aids, Dai Weijun, Ye Lijiang and Xu Yue of the Asian Games National Football Team, and Zhang Yuan and Yuan Mincheng, who have postponed their return to the team, and so on.

Zhao Liang, Chairman of the Shenzhen Football Association, and Chairman Sun Vietnam, who was sent by Kaisa Group to preside over the work of the club, attended the team meeting in the afternoon.
There are some gaps in expectations, and we need to continue to discuss and communicate.
In addition, at the end of February, a subsidy from the city will arrive in the account, which is an advance payment, but this money needs to fill a lot of funding gaps.

According to the notice requirements of the Chinese Football Association, the club must “carefully sort out the debt situation in the football industry before the 2022 season and the 2021 season, including but not limited to international and domestic arbitration, historical salary arrears, football debts, etc.”
The Football Association has clarified the time limit for resolving the debt, otherwise it will not be granted the qualification for the 2023 season.
The biggest difficulty facing Shenzhen Football Club is how to solve the funding gap in the short term.