Reporter: the fourth grade of U17 Asian Cup junior participated in the draw, and he was likely to encounter a strong enemy in the group stage.

December 23-the Asian Football Federation announced today that Thailand will host the 20th U17 Asian Cup in May next year. According to reporter Ma Dexing, Chinese junior students will take part in the draw in the fourth position.
In the qualifier held in Australia in October this year, the 2006-year-old Chinese U16 team led by Yang Chen successfully advanced to the finals with a score of 2-1.
Ma Dexing said that the specific time of the 20th U17 Asian Cup has been basically set for May 3 to 20, although the timing of the group draw remains to be further confirmed, but the Chinese national junior team will certainly participate in the draw in the capacity of the fourth level. there is a good chance of meeting a strong enemy in the group stage in the future. The host team Thailand will take part in the draw as a seed team.
The grading of the 16 participating teams is as follows:
First level: Thailand (host), Japan, Tajikistan, South Korea
Second level: Australia, India, Iran, Yemen
Third level: Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Afghanistan
Fourth level: China, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Laos. ​​​​