Reporter: the goal of the three towns of Wuhan was to gain a firm foothold in the Chinese Super League and some players were unwilling to join because of the small platform.

According to reporter Bian Liqun, before the 2022 season, some players felt that the platform of Wuhan three towns was too small, so they were not willing to join.
Today, with the official announcement of the final round of the Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger abstained and were sentenced to a 0-3 defeat, which also means that the three towns of Wuhan beat Mount Tai in Shandong Province and won the Chinese Super League title in 2022.
Perhaps before this season, few people could have expected that the promoted Wuhan three towns would win the Chinese Super League championship. Bian Liqun revealed: “I remember that during the pre-season chat, a staff member of the three towns of Wuhan said that the main purpose of this season is to gain a firm foothold in the Chinese Super League, and some players think that the team’s platform is too small. I don’t want to join (I don’t know those players have no regrets), but in retrospect, maybe the other side was modest at that time, or winning the championship was a surprise for them.”