Reporter: the number of abnormal nucleic acids in the Jinmen Tigers is in the double digits, and foreign aid Anduhar has gone home.

On December 17, reporter Gu Ying posted an article in his personal social media today, talking about the health status of the Jinmen Tiger team.
The reporter revealed: the Jinmen Tigers did another nucleic acid test yesterday. According to the calculation of the whole team in Wuhan, there are abnormal double digits. In tomorrow’s FA Cup, according to my understanding, the team will certainly put the health of the players first. Basically, it is who has no problem and who plays.
In addition, Gu Ying also said that foreign aid Anduhar has gone home, and the question of whether he will renew his contract with the Jinmen Tiger Club may be involved, such as the club’s 2023 season budget, the team’s 2023 season plan, and Anduhar’s own wish. so there’s no answer yet.