Reporter: Zibo Cuju is infected by many people, it is very likely to give up tomorrow’s FA Cup match with Taishan team.

December 16-according to reporter Niu Zhiming, Zibo Cuju is likely to give up the third round of the FA Cup with Shandong Taishan team.
The third round of the Football Association Cup between Zibo Cuju and Shandong Taishan was originally scheduled to be held in Jinjiang Sports Center on the afternoon of December 17. But recently, the official of Zibo Cuju Club said that after full communication with the Sports Bureau and the local Football Association, it was clear that the home venue could not be provided. while expressing regret, it also discussed the possibility of the FA Cup away match with Taishan in Shandong Province.
According to Niu Zhiming’s latest news, the whole team of Taishan team is now in Jinjiang. They were supposed to face Zibo Cuju in the Football Association Cup on the 17th, but now the game can not be carried out normally. Zibo Cuju is infected by many people, and the team has not been trained. They haven’t arrived in Jinjiang yet. There is still one day before the start of the game, Zibo wants to seek an extension, but considering that the schedule of the Chinese Super League is very intensive at this stage, the postponement may be very difficult.
If it can not be postponed, Zibo Cuju is likely to give up the FA Cup, Taishan team can also get more rest and adjustment time. If all goes well, Taishan team can rush from Jinjiang to Haikou in the near future to prepare for the match against Shenzhen on the 19th.
(Nanling weeps)