Reporters praised Arsenal: Using wise decisions to counter Manchester City’s financial resources, although there is no championship, it is already a success

January 12 News Associated Press reporter James Robson tweeted today, praising Arsenal

The reporter wrote: “While Arsenal have not won anything yet, they are an example of smart decision-making that can compete with Manchester City’s financial resources. Of course, it will cost a lot of money, like Liverpool in recent years, but it is a whole.
way of working, which involves wise and patient decision-making.”

“There have been times over the past two years when Arsenal could have been in a panic, but they have kept faith in Arteta and have a signing policy that is now looking increasingly impressive.”

“It’s also impressive how the club has turned the toxic atmosphere in the stands at the Emirates Stadium, and on the internet, into a heated one, reconnecting the fans with the club. They haven’t won anything yet, but just walking
To this point, it already feels like a success story.”

(Goblin Slayer)