Rio Ferdinand: France’s defense on the left is weak, and opponents attack this side.

December 15-France successfully reached the World Cup final, but England star Rio Ferdinand pointed out a major weakness of France, that is, weak defense on the left.
Ferdinand, who was the commentator of the game, said: “if you want to look for the weaknesses of the French team, it’s not much, but I think their left is the target that their opponents have been aiming at.” You see, 1/3 of the threats they encounter in the game come from this side. Unfortunately, the injury of Lucas Hern á ndez has seriously affected the left flank of the French team, but this is very common in the World Cup. ”
Ferdinand added: “in the group stage against Denmark, the opponent immediately attacked this side of the French team on the pitch.” I think this may be because this side of the French team is Mbappe, maybe it will give you a chance to press forward on the pitch, but it also puts defensive pressure on the left flank of France. In the Anglo-French war, Saka and Kane also caused the opponent’s mistake on this side, but there was no penalty. ”
The Mirror pointed out that Mbappe is undoubtedly one of the best players in this World Cup, but he has not made much contribution in defense. Theo is also an offensive full-back, and France’s defensive ability on the left flank declined after Lucas Hern á ndez was injured. Maybe Argentina can take advantage of this weakness of France in the World Cup final.
(Su Erhu)