Riyadh Crescent executives talk about signing Messi: I can’t confirm or deny it, it’s the same as signing Ronaldo

January 13 News Recently, a number of foreign media said that the Saudi team Riyadh Crescent
Action has been taken to sign Messi.
Riyadh Crescent general manager Fahed Al-Mofarij responded to the news through journalist Eslam Magdy.

“I can’t confirm or deny that we haven’t been able to register new players in the winter window. But the club is open to everything. I may deny that something happened, or confirm it, but if it didn’t happen, I can’t give a comment on that.
give a specific answer.”

“It’s possible with the director, it’s not just a player’s contract. Just like signing Ronaldo, it’s not just about a club and a player, it’s a direction.
After making the statement about Ronaldo joining, all Saudi clubs will have a huge breakthrough.”

After Ronaldo announced the official victory in Riyadh, Saudi Sports Minister Prince Faisal once said: “It is a pleasure for one of the best in the world to start a new chapter in his career in Saudi Arabia. Welcome Ronaldo to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will soon pass
Deals with international stars to support other clubs.”

According to Saudi media, representatives of Riyadh Crescent have gone to Paris to negotiate with Messi, and the club is willing to offer an annual salary of 300 million US dollars.
The contract between Messi and Paris will expire this summer and has not yet agreed to renew it.