RMC: Mbappe may become the double captain of the Paris and French national teams next season

January 25 News According to the latest report by French Radio Monte Carlo reporter Fabrice Hawkins,
After Paris Saint-Germain coach Galtier officially announced Mbappe as the team’s vice-captain at the press conference, this change in the “hierarchy” within Paris has caused some speculation.

RMC said that Paris naturally regards Mbappé as the core, so it is only natural for him to be given the position of vice captain.
Moreover, this “transitional change” of Mbappe is not blunt. Considering that Kimpembe was born in the Paris youth training, Galtier adopted this “soft handling” method.

In fact, a few weeks ago, Paris internally explained these problems to Kimpembe, for example, it was not an armband, but a measure that was beneficial to Mbappe.

In any case, it is not impossible for Mbappe to become the double captain of Paris and the French national team next season.