Rodgers: Sabitzer should be sent off, I don’t know how he stayed on the field

February 20th In the just-concluded 24th round of the Premier League, Manchester United 3-0 at home
beat Leicester City.
After the game, Leicester City coach Rodgers accepted an interview.

“We started well, had a great threat, and could pass the ball into the opponent’s penalty area. But we didn’t seize the opportunity, and the opponent seized it. This is the gap in accuracy. In the second half, we couldn’t control the ball. We didn’t pass the ball well.
As a result, the opposite side scored another goal.”

“We’ve taken six points from the last three tough games. Now we’re going home to face Arsenal. It’s going to be difficult, but we the fans will have our backs and hopefully luck will be on our side.”

Talking about Sabitzer’s stealing action, he said: “I think he should be sent off. I don’t know how this foul got away. Var performed very poorly. I don’t know why he can stay on the field (How the player
stayed on the pitch, I don’t know).”