Roma defender Mancini: Mourinho is the real leader of the team, and Dybala is the best in Serie A

February 22, Roma main defender Mancini said that Mourinho
A true leader for Roma, he changed the mentality of the team.
And Dybala is one of the best players in Italian football.

Mancini first said: “Mourinho is sincere and straightforward, he is sharp, he can shock you, he can knock you down if necessary. Mourinho is the real leader of the team. He changed me.
The way we read the game and deal with the situation, the mentality of the whole team has changed, we all try to do our best. Since Mourinho came to Roma last season, the stadium is full of fans every Sunday and Thursday.
, which brings a sense of responsibility to us players.”

Dybala joined Roma freely last summer, and now he is an indispensable offensive core in the team.
Mancini praised: “Dybala is a champion player, we all know this. He is one of the best players in Serie A football, maybe the best from a technical point of view.
The signings have raised the level of the team.”

Roma won the European Cup last season, and Mancini has never forgotten this.
“It was a special and unique competition. Seeing a city like Rome celebrating the title gave us a lot of pride. Our aim was to reach the final and the road was tortuous, we knew that. But when
When you win at the end and bring the trophy back to Rome, it’s something that will never be forgotten.”

Mancini also talked about Rome’s goals this season: “The European Cup and the addition of new players have raised the expectations of Rome, but you don’t have to consider completely copying last season, otherwise you can’t play well this season. Our goal is
Get a better Serie A ranking than last season and try to qualify for the Champions League.”

Finally Mancini talked about his idol: “Materazzi. It all started in the 2006 World Cup when I was 10 years old. I love the way he played as a player, he always gave everything and had greatness.
personality, and a lot of goals. To score as many goals as him? I hope so, but my real goal is not to score goals. I will try to improve the areas where I am not good enough, and I will also improve my strengths.
Keep improving.”

(Su Erhu)