Roma is unwilling to meet Milan’s asking price of 35m for the bird; Sanma’s agent recommends it to Milan

January 26 News According to the latest news from the famous Italian Sky Sports reporter Di Marzio
According to reports, there was the first official contact between AC Milan and Roma today regarding Zaniolo’s transfer.

Roma made their demands clear: they will not lower their asking price, they demand a total price of at least 35 million euros, which Milan is unwilling to meet.
Milan have asked for a 24-hour discussion with management and to see if an effort can be made, while Roma can recommend other offers to Zaniolo, or wait until the summer window.

If Milan can’t get Zaniolo, his replacement may be Saint-Maximin.
The Newcastle French striker was recommended to Milan by his agent, but negotiations were complicated and the fee was similar to that of the Roma striker.