Romero: If possible, I will let Messi stay in the national team until the next World Cup

January 26 News Argentine defender Romero said in an interview that if
He can decide that he will keep Messi in the national team.

Romero: “Messi is a superstar, this will be his personal decision, we may have to leave him in the future, but we will support Messi. I can’t hide it, I want to continue to be teammates with Messi
Personally, I hope he can stay and go to the next World Cup. If it was up to me, Messi would never leave the national team. I would tie him to the Ezeiza base until the next World Cup.
A World Cup.”

“He is very important to the team, he is our captain and someone who teaches you day in and day out. He goes beyond being a footballer, he is a leader and without him it would be completely different.

In addition, Romero also talked about the coach Scaloni: “I only saw the news, he is a coach I admire. He opened the door for the national team, trusted me, let me put on this jersey, let me put on this jersey.
Got into this wonderful team. I don’t think everyone knows a lot about him, he built this team and took it to the top. I hope he gets tenure, but it depends on a lot of things, but if he continues
If the appointment is made, it is important and positive news for the country and the team.”

“The weeks have passed and I’ve been watching the final every day. I’m very excited, it’s very enjoyable to be with the national team to achieve the highest honor, nothing is more important than this. The national team has been fighting for this goal for many years
I did. I didn’t expect that the celebration would be so grand. We arrived in Argentina at 4 am and saw the crazy crowd. We walked for a long time for two kilometers before we arrived at the hotel. Unfortunately, the next day’s
The celebration didn’t end as expected and we couldn’t enjoy the trophy with everyone.”

“When I see the video of the celebration, my eyes fill with tears, we have left a mark in the history of Argentine football, and the history of the country as a whole.”