Ronaldinho: I appreciate the way Deschamps coaches France; Messi can play until he is 50

December 18-the Qatar World Cup final will be held tonight in Beijing time, and France will usher in the final showdown with Argentina. Before the match, Brazilian football star Ronaldinho also talked about his views on the World Cup final in an interview with the French newspaper team. In addition, he also talked about Lionel Messi, Mbappe and others.
In the final between France and Argentina, in your opinion, are the two best teams in the final?
Ronaldinho: “of course, both teams deserve to be in the finals.” In fact, I think Brazil also has a good team, but things are not going as we thought, Brazil is still under pressure. When we think of football, we think of Brazil. However, this is a very good team with a lot of talent. I hope this generation can get something. ”
Why did France do so well in the World Cup?
Ronaldinho: “the French players are very strong, their generation of players are very good, have a very strong personal ability and strength.” And more importantly, they have a coach who makes the team used to winning games. I like Didier Deschamps, he was a very good player when he was a player and knows football very well. Besides, every time we meet, he is a great guy. I like the way he coaches France and he brings a lot of different things to this team. ”
“in Brazil, Didier Deschamps has a very good image and we appreciate the way France plays football. You have very good young people and good coaches, which is the secret of success. Even if they have some good and important players missing, they are still in the World Cup final. So they are really strong, even if you are the most popular before the game, but it is still half a surprise. I am glad to see France reach the final. ”
Is it unexpected that 35-year-old Messida has reached such a level?
Ronaldinho: “I don’t think so. for Messi, it’s normal for him to look at this level, isn’t it?” Lionel Messi has been the best player in the world over the years. We all know that this is Messi’s last World Cup and I’m sure he will do his best to win it so that he doesn’t have any regrets. For me, Messi can play until he is 50 because he has more advantages than anyone else. ”
How to evaluate Mbappe’s performance in this World Cup?
Ronaldinho: “Mbappe is a very good player and he has strong personal ability.” I also like to watch him play football. He did well in this World Cup and I am happy for him. He does everything well and is still young, which is his advantage. Mbappe has all the qualities, speed, dribbling and so on, and is calm in front of the goal. This is the player style that we Brazilians like to watch and he seems to have a lot of personality. ”
Do you think Messi and Mbappe, one of them, will win the next Golden Globe?
Ronaldinho: “it’s hard to say, but I think whoever wins the World Cup and scores in the final has the best chance of getting the golden ball.” This is obvious. But for me, it’s one thing to be the best player in seven World Cup games, another to be player of the year. Sometimes it’s not fair, but in any case, I hope they can perform well in the final and bring a good game to the fans. ”
So do you think this will be a wonderful final?
Ronaldinho: “of course, as I said, the two best teams have come to the end, so I hope it will be a great final and don’t play too conservatively.” But it depends on whether both sides start well and score goals soon, and both teams have players who can change the game at any time. ”