Ronaldinho: I don’t see any weakness in Mbappe. Messi will win the Golden Globe in 2023.

December 26-during the World Cup, football legend Ronaldinho watched some games in Qatar. In an interview with SDA, he talked about the World Cup, Lionel Messi and Mbappe.
About the World Cup final between Argentina and France
This is definitely one of the most important and best finals in the history of football. Many people say that if both teams put defense first, it will be a game with few chances to score goals. In the end, what we saw was a game full of highlights and excitement. This is a splendid and exciting competition. For Argentina, it is very important to score goals early. Scoring early can always make people feel more relaxed. The final will be remembered for many years.
About the personal showdown between Messi and Mbappe
Lionel Messi and Mbappe both performed very well. They not only lived up to people’s expectations, but also proved their excellence again, adding luster to the final with their extraordinary talent.
About whether the 35-year-old Messi can continue to show his dominance
That’s for sure! Messi has been the best player in the world for many years, so it doesn’t surprise me that he has played a decisive role in almost every game of this World Cup. He can still play a decisive role at any time and he is and will continue to be the highest level of player.
About how to look at Messi’s future
I can’t imagine Lionel Messi retiring because he is still ambitious and the ball is still fun at his feet. I hope he will play at this level for many years. Even at Paris Saint-Germain, he still has some good goals, such as winning the Champions League.
About whether Mbappe can be a well-deserved successor to Messi.
I also like watching Mbappe play football. Although he is still very young, his condition is very stable. Scoring three goals in the World Cup final (and penalties in a penalty shootout) shows how confident he is and how well he can cope with pressure. He can do anything. I don’t see any weakness in him. He is fast, skillful, dribbling and efficient in front of the opponent’s goal. In addition, he also has a strong character, which helps him to go further.
About whether Messi or Mbappe will win the Golden Globe in 2023
Based on Messi scoring two goals in the World Cup final and winning the first World Cup title of his career, I think he will win the Golden Globes. This will leave more marks on the history of football.
About the Brazilian national team
The Brazilian national team is very strong in every position, and this team is still very young and has great potential. However, for their hard work to be rewarded, this generation of players need to win an important championship.
About the French national team
At present, France has ushered in the golden generation, they have a head coach with the winning gene. I like Deschamps very much. He is a real champion. I like the way he armed the French team, although they did not play very well, but they have very good stability and success.
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