Ronaldo: Pele is a player ahead of his time, he proves that people of color can also be the best

February 28th at the FIFA Annual Awards Ceremony, the late football king Pele won the FIFA Men’s Football Special Award
Ronaldo, who was the guest of honor, remembered Pele.

Ronaldo said: “When I talk about Pele, I see a player who was ahead of his time. He is everyone’s inspiration.
The ball break, he has a brain… I remember Pele is my friend, in 2000 when I first had a serious knee injury, he gave me love in the most difficult time of my life. And when we won the 2002
We are the happiest people when we win the World Cup.”

Ronaldo continued: “Pelé will also be remembered for the impact he had on society. He played in an era when there was more racism around the world, but he proved that people of color can be the best. And
The fight against racism is not over and we will continue to learn from Pelé to overcome stereotypes in this regard. As well as having the biggest impact on the pitch, he had an impact on society that will be forever.

(Su Erhu)