Ronaldo: proud of Neymar’s sacrifice and commitment in Brazil, he gave up a lot of things

December 10-in a World Cup 1/4 final that ended early this morning, Brazil lost to Croatia on penalties and missed the semi-finals. After the match, Brazilian legendary striker Ronaldo talked about the team and Neymar.
Ronaldo said: “Neymar will definitely continue to play for the national team.” Brazil will bring in a new coach soon. I don’t know when, but it will be soon. The Brazilian Football Association will certainly find a good coach who will regard Neymar as the pillar of the team. ”
“I have seen a lot of positive things, Rodrigo is the future of the team, very important, we also have Vinicius, Martinelli, look at our harvest! Neymar scored a great goal. I’m proud of his sacrifice and commitment in Brazil. I’m excited. He deserves it. He gave up a lot of things in order to play a great tournament. ”
“he has a serious ankle injury, but he recovers quickly and he is very mature and did not respond to the provocation. He is a great leader, which is what we expect. I want to praise him, and he should be congratulated on his leadership, behavior and commitment. I want to boost his morale. Technically, we didn’t cause a sensation in this cup, but given Neymar’s injuries and his performance, I’d like to take off my hat to him. ”
(Ma Dongyu)