Ronaldo responds to a chess advertisement with Messi: I want to be the one who wins this game

November 21 News Portugal will play against Ghana in the first round of the World Cup, and attend the match
At the previous press conference, Ronaldo responded to questions about the ad about playing chess with Messi and the interview with Morgan.

The specific interview is as follows:

About B fee

Last week we were joking and his plane was late and I asked him if he was coming by boat.
I am “invulnerable”, so stop asking other Portuguese players about me.

Talking about filming a chess advertisement with Messi

I want to be the one who wins this game of chess.

time of interview

Timing is practical.
It’s easy to see how we choose our timing from your perspective.
Sometimes you write the truth, sometimes you write a lie.
I don’t have to worry about what other people think, I can say it whenever I want.
Everyone knows who I am and what I believe in.

Does winning the World Cup make you more of the best in football history?

No, I couldn’t see things back then.
Even if I win the World Cup, there will still be debates like [who is the best of all time].
Some people like me more, some people like me less.
It’s just like anything else in life, it’s normal.
Obviously, as an ambitious player, I want to win this competition.
But I’d be happy with my career if I didn’t win anything else.
Of course, winning the World Cup is a dream, it’s possible, we’ll see.