Rooney: Ronaldo surprised me by saying that I was jealous of him, and my comments are full of respect

January 15th, currently coaching the American League team Washington United
Rooney accepted an interview with the “Daily Telegraph”, responding to the rumors between himself and the Everton coach, as well as responding to Ronaldo’s “jealousy” remarks during the interview.

Wayne Rooney’s youth training club Everton is deeply in the relegation zone of the Premier League. Some people call on Lampard to leave get out of class. The club owner previously expressed his belief in Lampard.

Rooney: “I think the situation at the club is the same as when Benitez left the club last time, but I think it’s very unfair for me to discuss Everton. Obviously, Lampard is the manager.
The owners of the club have also stood up for Lampard. And Lampard is still my ex-teammate, so if I start talking about Everton and that role, it would be very unfair because Lampard is still the club.
Head coach.”

Regarding whether the rumors with the Polish national team are true, Rooney said: “Gerrard has proved that he is a very good coach. I don’t know if he is talking to the Polish Football Association. If he is lucky, these
Those are the questions he has to answer.”

Regarding Rooney’s “jealousy” remarks that Ronaldo said in an exclusive interview with Morgan, “It may be that he has ended his career, and I am still playing in a high-level league.”

Rooney replied: “I was a little surprised, I think if you look back at all my comments, it is full of respect. In my opinion, he is one of the 2 best players to play football.
Wish him all the best.”