Saki: a happy ending, I cried for Macy’s dream come true

December 19-in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian coach Luciano Sacchi said that this is a perfect ending and he cried for Messi to realize his dream.
Sacchi said: “first of all, let me be frank, when Messi lifted the World Cup, my eyes filled with tears.”
“I thought of Lionel Messi’s whole career, everything he won at Barcelona, his dribbling, his goals, his acrobatics and his many Golden Globes.”
“but there’s always a curse that he can’t get rid of, and when he’s so popular, the World Cup title he craves the most never comes.”
“it was really like a spell, so when I saw him lift the trophy happily, I was very moved. Life is generous, and so is football. It always gives back to us. ”
“when Messi sowed joy in the big garden of football, he gave hope and emotion, he shed sweat and struggle, and finally he won the most important World Cup of his career.”
“he was often forced to play football in the shadow of Maradona, he felt responsible for bringing happiness to the whole of Argentina, and the fact that he could not do it made him feel painful.”
“now that the whole of Argentina is at his feet, I don’t want to say whether he can match Maradona. I don’t agree with the comparison between champions of different football ages. All I know is that Maradona is a phenomenon, and so is Lionel Messi, albeit in different ways. ”
“I think Argentina’s victory is well deserved, they have done more than France. It was a great football victory. ”