Saki: I hope Messi will win the World Cup and crown his brilliant career.

December 16-Italian football star Sacchi accepted an exclusive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport today. He talked about the performance of various teams in this year’s Qatar World Cup and his views on Argentine star Lionel Messi.
What do you think of the semifinals two days ago?
I was sitting next to Ars è ne Wenger and half an hour later, we thought Croatia played better as a whole, it was a pleasure to watch Modric play and Kovacic’s performance was amazing.
But Croatia has played two extra games before, which is tantamount to playing one more game, so they are at a physical disadvantage and mentally tired, and finally failed to reproduce the perfect performance against Brazil. and conceded the first goal in a counterattack.
What about Argentina?
Argentina has more experienced and more mindset players, but Argentina’s performance depends more on Lionel Messi, his teammates have always been United with him, and I have never seen Messi scold his teammates.
Argentina’s defense is also very solid.
Yes, but I think the integrity of Argentina’s defence is not enough, they do not have a tacit understanding with each other, and they often just look at their opponents.
What do you think of Alvarez?
I would like to praise Scaloni for his decision to use Alvarez because he runs more than Lautaro, and since Messi runs less, he needs a striker to run for him, even without the ball. Alvarez is my ideal center.
What do you think of the match between France and Morocco?
Morocco has a lot of possession of the ball, but France played very hard and had difficulties against England before, and if Kane hadn’t missed a penalty, no one knew what would have happened. France is slightly better than Argentina as a whole, and Mbappe’s personal performance will also be crucial.
Where’s Grizman? He is now an all-around midfielder.
His performance was amazing and he played well in every game. In addition, Rabio is also commendable, he finally showed his strength in the national team.
The performances of Teo and Giroux are also talked about by Milan fans.
Theo has more respect for his full-back duties in the national team, and at Milan he sometimes sees himself as a winger or even a centre-forward. Giroux has always been a top player and he should be satisfied with himself.
Morocco is a highlight of this World Cup.
Yes, they are the best dark horses. Many “small teams” in this World Cup have done well. For example, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in the first game, while Morocco is very good in speed, oppression and teamwork. Their playing style is also very modern, as well as Japan, Canada and Australia, which have paved the way for other national teams.
Many big teams are disappointing.
The most important are Spain and Brazil. Spain plays too slowly and lacks in-depth passes. They have not been able to achieve tactical innovation, while Brazil attaches too much importance to individual skills, and football is moving in the other direction. More and more attention is paid to overall wisdom. In addition, there is the German team, I heard that there is some tension in their team, anyway, when I was in charge, I always had to choose reliable players first, and then choose good players.
Who do you think will be the favourite to win the final between Argentina and France?
I don’t know, but I hope Messi can win the World Cup and crown his brilliant career. As for Mbappe, he has already won once.