Sally said that Bayern suffered a loss in the penalty, and Magath laughed: He was right, Bayern was treated badly

February 23 After Bayern lost to Borussia last week in the league, the ball
The team sports director Sally was dissatisfied with Par’s red card penalty, and said that Bayern had recently suffered a loss in this regard.
In an interview with Sky Sports Germany, the famous German coach Magath couldn’t help laughing at this remark.

Yupa was sent off with a red card in the 8th minute of the battle between Bayern and Borussia. The referee team on duty was criticized for not confirming the accuracy of the penalty through VAR.
Salley said after the game: “It’s a little disappointing for all of us. I think we have been treated badly in this regard in recent weeks.”

Asked in an interview about Sarri’s statement that Bayern had been wronged by the VAR decision, Magath responded with an uncontrollable smile.
He smiled and said: “Sally said very well, Bayern has been treated badly!” He couldn’t stop laughing during the process, and even wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

When the interviewee chimed in to ask if he agreed with Sally, Magath responded with a bigger laugh and said, with some sarcasm, “Not quite.”

Magath said: “If there is an atmosphere that is not good for Bayern, it is something new for me. Before me and my team had to play against Bayern a lot. It is strange that I never had a chance at that time.
But the feeling that we can have huge support from the referee.”

(breathing wood)