Sane and Gnabry changed 5 hairstyles in 3 months, Bayern executives are paying close attention

March 02 According to the latest report from the German media Bild reporter team, Sane and Gnabry
Gnabry stepped up for goals and brilliant performances in the first half of the season.

But this year, they “shine” almost only when they have nothing to do with playing football.

Bild’s source revealed: Bayern management is already paying close attention to the performance of Sane and Gnabry.

It is worth mentioning that Sane is one of Bayern’s highest paid players, at around 20 million euros.

Gnabry has earned close to that amount since extending his contract last summer through 2026.
In particular, Bayern hesitated for a long time to pay him a high salary – precisely because of his often fluctuating performances.

The Bayern management is actually the same as the fans. They hope that the players will have continuous best performances that match the high salaries.
Otherwise, if there is a club willing to pay a huge transfer fee suitable for Bayern – selling them is not inconceivable.

►Sane scored 10 goals and sent 6 assists before the World Cup. He is one of the best players in the team, but after the World Cup, Sane kept arriving late, even missed the team bus, and then sprained his ankle in training…

►It is very similar to Gnabry: 11 assists in the first 10 goals in the World Cup.
Only one penalty this year, plus one assist.

Instead, Gnabry was keen on a controversial trip to Paris Fashion Week, after which he spent most of his time on the bench…but in 2023 alone, he showed five different looks on the pitch.

In public, Bayern management will naturally support them.

But… How long can this attitude last…