Sasolo CEO talks about Flataci: we have a good relationship with Roma and Premiership teams have shown interest

In an interview with Italian Sky Sports News on December 30, Sasolo CEO Carnevali talked about the transfer rumors of Flatesi, saying that Sasolo has a good relationship with Roma and that some Premiership teams have shown interest.
Carnevali said: “every year we have to keep a close eye on the budget and sell the best players.” Flataci? January is bound to be long and difficult, there are some players who have been noticed by other teams, and we don’t want to give up important players like Flatesi. ”
“We have a good relationship with Roma, but there are also Premiership teams that have shown interest in Flatesi. There are rumors between me and some teams (Juve, etc.)? It’s great, of course, but right now we’re focusing on the transfer market for players. ”
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