Scholes: Casemiro has an excellent sense of position, he is a Rolls-Royce player

January 1st last summer Casemiro joined Manchester United from Real Madrid,
After coming to the Red Devils, he adapted quickly. Regarding his performance, Scholes talked about his own views.
Scholes said: "I think Casemiro brings a lot of experience to the midfield, he has a lot of quality, I said before that he surprised me with his passing, one touch.
Passing, forward passing a lot. If you play in midfield with players of Modric and Kroos level, you can easily be forgotten." "Casemiro is actually very good, starting to come to the Premier League.
I’m a bit worried about his body, he doesn’t look very fast but he’s really smart and gets the job done. I don’t want to compare him to Carrick because he’s a Rolls-Royce player with a sense of position
Perfect." "His partnership with Eriksson is perfect, this is a very good signing, if Manchester United does not have a player like Casemiro, then they will not be able to play the football that they are now.
"These frontcourt players, if you score a lot of goals, you need a player who can do the dirty work, B Fernando and Eriksen are in front of Casemiro, what they need to worry about is scoring goals
, instead of defending, because there is Casemiro behind to help, there is nothing better than having such a player by your side.” (vivian)