Seaman: I can’t believe that Klopp complained about the referee after the game, he should have expected a fierce confrontation

January 4th, former England goalkeeper David Seaman talked about it in his podcast
Klopp said he didn’t know much about his post-match complaints about the referee’s behaviour.

Klopp questioned the referee’s decision following Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat at Brentford.
"I can’t believe he’s complaining about some movement issues with the Brentford players, if he doesn’t know it’s going to happen then he needs to watch a little more football," Seaman said.

"You know exactly what happens when you go to Brentford and it’s like going to Wimbledon. When you play against Brentford it’s a real physical game.
The game, I just think it’s kind of weird when the coaches complain after the game."