Seo Jung-Won: I am most moved and encouraged by the enthusiastic fans in Chengdu.

[Chengdu Chengdu vs Wuhan Yangtze River] pre-competition sound
🗣️ coach Seo Jung-Won introduced the team’s preparations: “this season is coming to an end, the team has also had some injuries.” Affected by the epidemic before, many of the team members were not at their best. In every recent game, all the players are overcoming the difficulties and doing their best. In this case, what moved me most was the enthusiastic fans in Chengdu who came to the scene to cheer for us in the cold weather, which was also the greatest encouragement to us. Because of this, we won the three towns of Wuhan in the last game. In this game against Wuhan and the Yangtze River, we will also try our best to provide a wonderful game for the fans. ”
🗣️ captain Gan Rui: “now we do encounter some difficulties, but the spirit of all the players’ desire to win is very strong, everyone is eager to play.” In the last game, tens of thousands of fans came to the stadium to cheer for us, and many players in the team felt the enthusiasm of Chengdu fans for the first time. We felt very happy. Finally, there are two home games, we will try our best to bring happiness to the fans. ”