Serie A: Juventus is recovering in the league and overtakes Salernitana

【Salernitana vs Juventus】

[Competition time] 03:45, February 8,

[Nature of competition] Serie A

【Important injury】

Salernitana: Maggiore, Marzocchi, Fazio, Guillaume

Juventus: Jorge, Bonucci, Pogba, Milik

[Past record] The two sides met in the past 3 times,Salernitana got 0 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses

【Recent achievements】

Last 10 games: Salernitana 1 win, 2 draws and 7 losses

Last 10 games: Juventus 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses

【Football Analysis】

Salernitana beat Lecce 2-1 in the last round away game, ending 7 rounds without victory; Juventus lost 0-2 at home to Monza in the last round, and they were unbeaten in the last 3 league rounds.
The two teams played against each other in the first round and the score was 2-2.

The Asian Index gave Juventus an away handicap and one goal, which was unified into one goal in the later stage. Juventus has won consecutive cup games recently, while in the league they have won 3 rounds. It seems to be focused on the cup game, but the opponent Salerni
Tana’s overall probability of losing in the near future is not low. In addition, the two teams failed to win the first round against Juventus. It is reasonable to score 3 points against the underdogs in this game.

Based on comprehensive analysis, we are optimistic about Juventus winning.

【forecast result】

Football Lottery: Salernitana loses Competition Lottery ( 1) handicap wins and draws: Salernitana loses

Predicted score: 0 to 2, 1 to 3

(no fish in fish tank)