Shaanxi team members: Dare to launch a membership system and the answer is enthusiastic Shaanxi fans, who have subscribed over 8,000 tickets

February 3 According to a report from “Football News”, insiders from Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic revealed that membership subscription
Has exceeded 8000.

On January 30, Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic’s official news, the club sold the 2023 season package and launched the “Creative Lifetime Membership” system. The cheapest package ticket is 500 yuan a piece, the most expensive.
They are also the first domestic club that dares to eat crabs in operation.

A club official revealed: “Actually, before the plan was announced, we also had concerns about whether the new membership system would be recognized by the majority of fans. Therefore, before launching the founding lifetime membership, the club conducted a special survey on the willingness of fans and friends to purchase tickets for the new season.
Voting survey. The club received a lot of positive responses from fans, a total of more than 20,000 people voted for their willingness to purchase, and more than 95% of them expressed their strong support for the club.”

“Football News” stated that the cost of being a member of the Senate is very high. In addition to watching the football in the home box, you can also travel 3 times to watch the away game, take photos with the stars, and participate in the team dinner.
Can participate in club activities and even provide suggestions for club development planning.

An insider of the club said frankly: “If you want to ask us where the courage to ‘eat crabs’ comes from, the answer is the enthusiastic Shaanxi fans. The fans and friends have given the club great confidence and strength.
From the beginning, I worked overtime to prepare for the final development and testing of the membership system. Now it has exceeded 8,000 in a few days, exceeding the club’s previous estimates. Thank you to all the fans who support the Northwest Wolves!”