Shanghai Media: The head coach of the national football team is habitually dystocia, at least a year will be wasted on restarting the World Cup

February 4 News According to the arrangement, the Chinese men’s football team will meet New Zealand on March 23 and 26
The men’s football team has two warm-up matches, but it is still unknown who will lead the team.
According to the analysis of “Xinmin Evening News”, the candidate for the head coach of the national team is also habitually “difficult to deliver”, and Chinese football has wasted at least one year in vain on the road to restarting the World Cup.

Since the end of the top 12 at the end of March last year, this most watched national team has almost been in a state of “disbandment”, and has not carried out any form of training for nearly a year.
To this day, no one has given a clear answer as to who will be the coach of the team.
The coach has not yet been decided, and the confirmation of the training lineup is even more impossible to talk about.
Whether the two warm-up matches between the national football team and New Zealand can achieve results has been marked with a big question mark.

When Li Xiaopeng took over the national football team, he was more like a “transitional” coach, and his ability to lead the team was also questioned by the outside world.
In November last year, the national football team announced the start of coach selection, but so far there has been no substantial progress.
It is reported that in the case of foreign teachers unable to take office, the former national football coach Li Xiaopeng stays in office, or the Asian Games coach Jankovic changes roles, which are all options for the Chinese Football Association.

“Xinmin Evening News” analyzed that the candidates for the coach of the national team are habitually “difficult to deliver”, and Chinese football has wasted at least another year on the journey to restart the World Cup.